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Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe For People With Hip Replacements?
West Jordan Chiropractor Dirk Woodmansee explores the differences between drugs and chiropractics

I was reviewing a couple of studies on low back pain, the comparison was made with two published and peer reviewed articles. (JMPT January 2005, Volume 28, Number 1 which was a follow up of a prior study in Spine, July 15, 2003; 28(14):1490-1502) the previous study showed how much better chiropractic adjustments worked over Celebrex, Vioxx, and acupuncture in treating chronic low back pain. In the study patients were randomly assigned treatment type and then followed over time with pain questionnaires to assess early effectiveness of treatment retention of the improvement.

The summary of facts is as follows:


Drugs (Celebrex or Vioxx)



Years of Chronic Pain Reported

4.5 or 6.4

4.5 or 6.4


% Asymptomatic with 9 weeks




% that suffered adverse event during treatment




% of Improvement of General Health Status




For those of us not used to interpreting data: the chiropractic group had 0% of adverse side effects, but 47% improvement and the largest group who had improvement within the first 9 weeks. That is a significant difference in improvement. The follow up study mentioned the patient were selected out of the study if they had radiating or nerve symptoms and unknown cause of pain. They followed the patients for one year, and should they choose were allowed the opportunity to change treatment methods if they felt their current treatment was not helping them. It is noteworthy that the change over rates were as follows: manipulation had 38.7%, acupuncture 53.3%, and medication 81.2%, showing less change over from manipulation to other therapies. Overall satisfaction in both studies was noted in short term and long term pain management when patients used chiropractic as their treatment method.

Summary of findings for these two studies made by the authors were that in 2003 low back pain patients  benefited 5 times more than drugs and acupuncture patients. Statistically the patients who had chiropractic were 5 out of 7 positive questionnaires compared to only 1 for acupuncture and drugs. Mechanical pain where the pain does not originate from an event or trauma are hard to identify specific diagnosis the authors noted. Creating a statistical group in which identifiable cause was hard to determine. Drugs did not provide long term benefits from treatments, and more importantly chiropractic was deemed significantly beneficial and satisfactory compared to hospital therapists treatments which rendered no lasting benefit. And on a side note, chronic low back pain compromised immune function over time. The SF-36 questionnaire data was significant for health improvements when chiropractic adjustments were given compared to the other two groups.

It should be said that chronic low back pain may have many pain originators. This study mentioned previous trauma of some kind as a significant cause initially. Finding the cause is the most important thing and getting rid of mechanical factors related to pain. Low back pain is very costly to our society for lost wages but when you consider loss of immune function related to low back pain the cost goes up significantly. Immune system issues not only cause overall health problems but quality of life. So if you are not feeling well, low back pain could be the root cause. Our motto in our office is, “if we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can. “ Suffering from low back pain, call now for a FREE consultation. or

West Jordan Chiropractor Dr. Dirk Woodmansee

Dirk Woodmansee was born in South Salt Lake. Dirk graduated from Granite High School in 1987 going on to Dixie College (1990) for a pre-requisite course. He also attended SLCC and the University of Utah for more pre-requisite courses (1990-1994). Dr Woodmansee then attended Parker College of Chiropractic where he graduated with a Graduate Degree in Doctor of Chiropractic in 1997.

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