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Are you a car accident victim looking for a Murray Chiropractor to treat your car accident injuries? Are you just experiencing general back or neck pain and need an experienced Murry Chiropractor to treat you? Are you not happy with your current Murry Chiropractor? No matter how you found us, you are in the right place. Here at Midvalley Clinic, we are 100% focused on the success and results of properly treating chiropractic patients. We know that the pain many of you experience from whiplash, sports injuries, and other types of back related problems, can be really difficult to live with. There are few chiropractors that use the approach that we use when treating patients.

We have many patients who have previously treated with other chiropractors. in some cases years ago and from other states. In fact, we have one case where a young woman was hit by a drunk driver. The nature of the accident gave her a severe reversed curve in her neck, as well as severe hip misalignment. The combination of the injuries caused her a great deal of pain. The chiropractor she was treating with did not properly exam her, or treat the problem correctly. Four years later, she was referred to us. After 10months of treatment, she has now seen amazing results resulting in far less pain, and the reverse curve correcting at a good steady pace. She is now doing things that used to cause her a lot of pain. Stories like this are common place here at Midvalley Clinic.

Are You No Long Happy With Your Murray Chiropractor?

We find that many of our new patients that have been treated previously by their current Midvalley Chiropractor are not happy with the results or lack of it. We believe that many chiropractors do not reinvest in their future or knowledge and attend seminars that are held all over the country to introduce new techniques that have been proven to bring results and change lives. We are actively attending these types of events. We feel it is very important that we treat each patient with the latest in techniques. We are constantly looking for ways to make the experience better for our patients. There is no need to keep visiting your Murray Chiropractor If you are not happy or are not seeing results. We may be located in West Jordan, but we are close enough that it is worth your time. In fact, we have patients in Pleasant Grove, which is in Utah County, who make the trip twice weekly. we are worth the drive, and we invite you to find out why.

“Before I came to see Dr. Woodmansee I saw another doctor about my left knee and back pain. I continued to suffer for an entire year before finding Dr. Woodmansee. The treatment here is incredible! The staff is wonderful and the scheduling is very flexible and convenient. The treatments got rid of my pain and fixed all of my problems. I can now play ball and participate in everyday activities completely free of pain! Also, WE GOT PREGNANT! It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I would recommend Dr. Woodmansee to anyone!”

- Kristina S


How To Make A Change From Your Current Murray Chiropractor

Making big changes in life are rarely easy. We know that mentality of unhappy patients who are currently being treated by chiropractors. There is often a general belief that chiropractors do not help long term or really cure any problems. We want you to know that many of our satisfied patients felt that way their first visit. However, once they sat down with Dr's Dirk Woodmansee or Bryan Gordon, their opinions often quickly change to one of hope and optimism. If you have been looking for a Murray chiropractor that meets your needs, please contact us here at the Midvalley Clinic by calling (801) 562-1531.



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