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Taylorsville Chiropractor For Car Accident Victims
Midvalley Clinic offers treatment for those that are suffering pain from car accidents.

Would it surprise to you to learn that people have left their Taylorsville chiropractor to come get treated at Midvalley Clinic in West Jordan? Some people have done just that. We have found that people all over Salt Lake County to be treated by Dr's Woodmansee and Gordon. We offer a level of service that is a step up when compared to other chiropractors not using the methods that we use. Dr Dirk Woodmansee and Dr Bryan Gordon have something more to offer than your current Taylorsville chiropractor. They keep up to date and trained in the latest techniques being taught by the country's top experts on chiropractics. Our proven methods are designed to put the natural curve back in the neck of whiplash victims, and correct misaligned curves of the spine. We feel that if you are currently seeing a Taylorsville chiropractor and not happy with the lack of progress, we invite you to come see us at Midvalle Clinic to see what we have to offer.

What To Do If Your Taylorsville Chiropractor Cannot Help You

If have not seen a lot of results from your Taylorsville chiropractor, or not seen the kind of results that you would like, please call us up. We have a different view on how we treat patients here at Midvalley Clinic. If we cannot treat you or feel that you are not a good candidate for chiropractic treatment, we will send you to the appropriate medical physician. Dr Woodmansee and Dr Gordon have a love for treating patients that many Doctors lack. If they truly feel that you are not a good candidate for treatment, they will make sure that you get the treatment you need elsewhere. Sometimes what you need is not care from a Taylorsville chiropractor, rather you may need other medical treatment.

“After seeing another chiropractor for 5-6 years and taking all kinds of medications I was completely run-down. My back pain only progressed and got worse over the years. I wasn’t seeing any results. Then, I found Dr. Woodmansee. The staff is great! I love the total therapy approach to the treatments. After treating with Dr. Woodmansee I have more stamina, more strength, I am able to walk and work harder, and my sleep is 100% better. I feel stressed less and I can think clearer. I have stopped all sleep medications that I have been on for the last 20+ years, I sleep on my own, and I sleep a good restful sleep. I can wake up early without feeling groggy! Yes, I would recommend this clinic to anyone! It is well worth the time and effort.

- Dolly R


Choosing A New Taylorsville Chiropractor

When you are looking for a new Taylorsville chiropractor, you should read testimonials from existing or former patients. Can they do what they claim to do? Do they have a strong reputation for correcting reverse curves of the neck? Are they using the lasted methods of chiropractic treatment? If you are having trouble finding a good Taylorsville chiropractor, please contact the experienced chiropractors of Midvalley Clinic at (801) 562-1531.



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