Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Low Pain in West Jordan, Utah

As a chiropractor I often get a lot of questions about chronic low back pain. When I first started my practice many years ago, there was a study performed between three states to determine the best course of treatment for low back pain in the work place with the least amount of long term disability. The study concluded that those who treated with chiropractic got back to work faster, with less pain medication use and less long term disability when compared to medical and physical therapy treatment for the same injury. Due to the high cost of low back pain in this nation, a more recent study was performed with the same goal in mind, “how to treat low back pain cheap, and without residual costs due to disability.” The conclusions are really quite eye opening.


Low back pain chiropractor in West Jordan UtahThe study was published in 2011, in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The study concluded that when treating the same condition using chiropractic as the primary intervention, the costs were nationwide $1.76 billion, compared to $3.98 billion when using physical therapy and medicine for the same condition. In addition, in the state of New York, a task force was assigned to evaluate the best form of treatment in relation to low back pain due to the high costs related to the state in this category. The study also determined that those who only treated with a chiropractor, had a lower risk of recurrent disability than the risk of any other provider type. This study echo’s what my previous study says, chiropractic allows patient with lower back pain to return to work faster, cheaper, and with less risk of recurrent disability related to low back pain.


How does chiropractic treat low back pain but more specifically chronic low back pain? Firstly, chiropractic offers a proper diagnosis : often times the initial diagnosis for lower back pain is covered by NSAIDS (like Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naproxen, etc.) and pain medicine. Let’s talk about the mechanism of pain and dysfunction that takes place in the injury process. During the injury process one of the following five things or all will take place: 1. Pain will cause spinal joint dysfunction or postural abnormalities. 2. Spinal pain will cause spasms of the muscles around the spine or will have been torn in the initial injury. 3. Inflammation will take place, the body will create inflammation to attempt to repair damage to the spinal canal. 4. Pain, will often create more muscular spasms and in turn will create more pain. 5. Nerves in the form of functional (proprioceptive) nerves and mechanical (mechanorecptor) nerves will have dysfunction resulting in abnormal postures. Specifically, chiropractic will address all 5 areas of concern related to an injury. Physical therapy will address 3-4 of the 5 and medicine will attempt to aid 2-3 of the 5. Spinal dysfunction is not often addressed by either profession, and when spinal manipulation is performed by physical therapists, it is usually NOT performed to the level of competency of that of a chiropractor. ( a bold claim, but truthful)


Low back pain is the 8th most expensive medical condition in the United States resulting in disability. chiropractic is the answer to treating the real cause of low back pain without covering the symptoms with pain medications. If you are suffering from chronic low back pain, call your  West Jordan Chiropractor Dr Dirk Woodmansee at the Midvalley Chiropractor Clinic at (801) 562-1531 to schedule your consultation today!


The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.

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