Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

1. Flip Flops -They don’t give you any arch support, and don’t protect the foot at all, so it’s prone to injuries. The occasional wearing of flip flops are okay, but for a lot of people this is the only shoe they wear. The use of flip flops inappropriately can result in strained ankles, broken toes, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Not to mention back problems for lack of support for the feet.


Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

Flip Flops



2. High Heels – The higher the heel, the more out of alignment your foot is going to be. Feet can not sustain being in a jammed position for long periods of time. Any heel higher than two inches can cause issues. With a high heel, the achilles tendon will shorten. Wearing high heels overtime may result in achilles tendonitis. High heels also put a large amount of pressure on the ball of the foot which may cause metatarsalgia, which is an acute pain in the ball of the foot that can become chronic. This may even result in stress fractures from all the pressure and hammer toes from the abnormal positioning.

Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

High Heels




3. Heels with pointing toes – Pointy-toed shoes can cause neuroma, an inflammation of the nerve between the toes. The pinched and inflamed nerve causes pain and burning, and may need to be treated with injections, physical therapy, or even surgical removal of the neuroma.

Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

Heels With Pointy Toes


4. Ballet Flats – These shoes also offer no support. They can carry the same risk as wearing flip flops, except these shoes protect the feet a little more.

Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

Ballet Flats


5. Sheepskin boots – These shoes keep your feet incredibly warm and cozy, but also offer no support for your foot. Wearing these shoes for long periods of time can cause back, hip, knee and ankle pain because they are not supporting the feet whatsoever. These shoes are equivalent to house slippers but they have become trendy and people over wear them.

Top 5 Worst Shoes For Bad Backs and Feet

Sheepskin Boots


Remember: Feet are the support for the rest of your body. If the feet are not supported properly than your ankles, knees, hips and back are affected as well. improper  care of your feet can cause back pain, knee pain, and keep you in pain.  Take care of your feet!

Healthy Feet


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