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Dr. Woodmansee and Gordon treating car accident victims the right way.

West Jordan ChiropractorWest Jordan Chiropractor MidValley Clinic is made of a friendly staff and professional and caring doctors! It was about 2005 when Dr. Gordon and Dr. Woodmansee left their individual locations and started MidValley Chiropractic. By coming together, the West Jordan Chiropractors have a combined experience of over 25 + years of chiropractic treatment. Please take the time to read their individual bios to understand more about our very personalized and highly trained doctors. We have a great and easy to find office. If you are looking for West Jordan chiropractors that can help treat your injuries, you have come to the right place.

Not only do we have a warm and clean office, but are proud to offer many state of the art treatment options to give you the best possible results. Proper diagnosis is the key to getting you started down the path of improvement. We offer on site x-ray and referral to other diagnostic avenues should that become necessary. Midvalley Clinic is the best choice you could make when choosing a West Jordan chiropractor. Let us help you!!!

How Services Offered By West Jordan Chiropractors Are Different From Other Places

What makes the West Jordan Chiropractors of the Midvalley Clinic different than others? The answer is simple; Dr Woodmansee and Dr Gordon truly care about what they do and if they cannot help you, they will refer you to someone who can. Your health is our number one focus. Because we care about each patient, we make sure that each patient gets the best care possible. We have no interest in steering you wrong. Because our loyal patients have seen a great deal of success from our methods of chiropractic treatment, they are referring their friends and family to the West Jordans Chiropractors of Midvalley Clinic. Come see our list of services that we offer!

“I couldn’t work! My pain in my right hip made walking less than two blocks miserable and completely impossible. For two months I tried everything I could to ease the pain. A back brace, large amounts of Ibuprofen, ice packs, a vibrator, even a hot tub! Nothing was helping! Then, I tried Dr. Woodmansee. It Worked! Treating with Dr. Dirk got me back working in a short time.
The staff was very friendly, professional and they treated me with the upmost care. I was able to golf, walk, lift and make a living doing what I love, construction, in no time! Surprisingly I am also able to sleep better, I am healthier, and I feel overall better! I would, and have highly recommended this clinic. It’s the BEST!

- Layne M


Get Helped From The Best West Jordan Chiropractors at Midvalley Clinic

If you are seeking West Jordan Chiropractors to help you get heal after a car accident, or to help treat you with whiplash or other neck related injuries, you are in the right place. Here at Midvalley Clinic, experienced West Jordan Chiropractors Dr Dirk Woodmansee and Dr Bryan Gordon are the best choice you could make to treat your pain and car accident injuries. Please contact the West Jordan Chiropractors at Midvalley Clinic by calling us at (801) 562-1531 or fill out the form on our contact page to inquire about our services.


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Mid Valley Clinic is an experienced car accident chiropractor in Salt Lake County. Read more about us here. If you feel that you are in need of a West Jordan chiropractor, contact us for information.

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