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Satisfied Patients Of Midvalley Clinic Tell Their Stories

West Jordan Chiropractor Dr Woodmansee and Bryan Gordon have many satisfied patients that have seen tremendous success. Read their stories here and in some cases, read some thoughts written by their respective West Jordan Chiropractor. These patients saw success by sticking to the treatment program that was outlined by their doctor. Each patient has a taylored fit plan that is designed to help them heal according to their needs. .

Patient Of West Jordan Chiropractor Tells About Her Success After Severe Whiplash

Heather Adams of Pleasant Grove, UT came to us 4 years after being hit by a drunk driver while living in California. She had severe reverse curve in her neck, whiplash, as well as hip displacement. After years of no treatment, and improper initial care, she is now doing much better and still treating with us. Read her chiropractic success story in her own words by clicking the button below.

“I was flipping through the yellow pages, desperate. I was in terrible shape with lower back spasms, upper back pain behind my shoulders, limited movement and flexibility, and insomnia. I found Dr. Woodmansee and immediately made an appointment. Not long after starting my adjustments I started seeing serious results! Now, I have noticed a large increase in movement and flexibility, I have virtually no back pain, I have noticed that my back and neck muscles have been strengthened, and I sleep like a baby! I was extremely impressed with the service particularly the goal to correct the cause of the problem not just treat the symptoms. The atmosphere of the clinic is cheerful and friendly and I loved the variety of techniques used: x-ray, physical therapy, exercise. I would feel very comfortable recommending this clinic! The quality of care is incredible!"

- Nathan P

“My pain was excruciating! My health was terrible and I was not even able to perform my work duties! My quality of life was reduced to only sitting at home and watching television. I had tried everything, so when I found Dr. Woodmansee in the yellow pages I thought I had nothing to lose! Since I have started adjustments with Dr. Woodmansee my pain has been significantly reduced and I am able to do so much more than I was before. The service has been excellent! The office staff has been very polite and courteous. I have also appreciated not having to wait for very long when I come in for my appointment, at any other office you wait for a very long time. However, what I appreciate the most is having a doctor who knows me as a person rather than a name on a medical record. I would definitely recommend Dr. Woodmansee. My friends have noticed the difference in me since I began coming here, and I would not and do not hesitate to tell people about it."

- Kimberly W

“When I first saw Dr. Woodmansee, I was suffering from debilitating and chronic back, hip, and neck pain. I was suffering from depression, and hurt so much that I did not that I did not feel that living was worth it. I had tried chiropractors in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado, but with no help. The staff here has treated me excellently. What I like most about the care here is that it simply works! Now my daily activities include walking and working without pain. I can do everything better! Unexpectedly, my allergies have diminished, my depression has disappeared, and I look forward to living. If you want REAL results, see Dr. Woodmansee. After twenty-five years of trying other chiropractors, my first real results were here.” 

- Suzanne U

“Seeking treatment with Dr “W” was my last ditch effort before pursuing surgery for my severe low back pain. I had tried injection of every kind, and large doses of Ibuprofen just to survive. The staff here is first class, friendly, and honest. Dr. Woodmansee is great! My favorite part of care her is the counterclockwise roller table. Now that I have been treating here, I can lie down for more than five minutes and I am able to get up on my own. I can tie my shoes better, play with my kids, and get out of a car without excruciating pain. Before my treatment, I did not realize how much my condition was affecting other aspects of my life. If anyone has any questions about starting care, my comments are these: “Have an x-ray. Commit to the plan. Work hard and stick to it.” My highest recommendation to Dr. Woodmansee!”

- Greg H

“Before I came to see Dr. Woodmansee I saw another doctor about my left knee and back pain. I continued to suffer for an entire year before finding Dr. Woodmansee. The treatment here is incredible! The staff is wonderful and the scheduling is very flexible and convenient. The treatments got rid of my pain and fixed all of my problems. I can now play ball and participate in everyday activities completely free of pain! Also, WE GOT PREGNANT! It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I would recommend Dr. Woodmansee to anyone!”

- Kristina S

“I suffered for four years of constant lower back pain and constant headaches. I struggled day by day just pretending it wasn’t as bad as it really was. Then, I found Dr. Woodmansee. During my entire treatment process Dr. Woodmansee has explained and treated each step thoroughly. The staff is friendly and genuinely excited to hear about my progress. Now, I don’t wake up sore everyday! I can play golf and basketball without any pain and unexpectedly I sleep better and my posture has improved. I would recommend this clinic to anyone! They are fantastic!”

- Jared P

“For six months I suffered with lower back and neck pain off and on, before making an appointment with Dr. Woodmansee. I was immediately impressed with the service. They were very willing to work out a payment plan fit for my budget. They were gentle and very fast in taking care of me. There is nothing about the care that I didn’t love! Now, I can do many different exercises without pain that I couldn’t do before. I sleep through the entire night and I wake up with loads of energy! I even lost some weight! I would definitely recommend Dr. Woodmansee to all of my family and friends!"

- Jerry N

“My self-esteem was terrible before I saw Dr. Woodmansee. I was overweight and my body was devastated from having twins; I was depressed and I had many severe complications to deal with. I suffered for six years trying everything from doctors to surgery to drugs. It seemed hopeless. Then, I met Dr. Woodmansee. Dr. Dirk helps you in every aspect. The first thing he helped me do was eat right! He always kept me educated on the treatments and he was a true friend through the entire thing. He made me believe in a doctor who cares more about people than money. Since I started treatment I have grown a deep appreciation for being alive, I love deeper, and I feel like a spirit free from bondage. Dr. Dirk is a special person, with a unique love for people. I would recommend him to anyone with any condition, he can help!"

- Sherry G

“Before I started treatments with Dr. Woodmansee, I tried physical therapy and drugs for ten years to fix my problems. Severe neck and lower back pain with a radiation of pain down my arms and legs, and chronic headaches. When I started there was almost immediate relief to my condition. It took my dedication and the direction of the staff to change me from a person in constant pain to someone with only occasional discomforts. The staff treated me with the upmost of care, and they showed a deep concern to better my health and personal well being. I am now able to play with my kids, sit and make arts and crafts without it giving me shooting headaches and other pains. I am a soccer mom and I am now able to run around with my kids. These treatments helped me do things I never thought it could help with. I quit smoking, I never use pain pills anymore, and I have a better personal relationship with my family and friends. My advice to anyone thinking about treatment with Dr. Woodmansee is “Just do it- give it a chance. Be committed to better yourself and life will love you back!”

- Micaela B

“After seeing another chiropractor for 5-6 years and taking all kinds of medications I was completely run-down. My back pain only progressed and got worse over the years. I wasn’t seeing any results. Then, I found Dr. Woodmansee. The staff is great! I love the total therapy approach to the treatments. After treating with Dr. Woodmansee I have more stamina, more strength, I am able to walk and work harder, and my sleep is 100% better. I feel stressed less and I can think clearer. I have stopped all sleep medications that I have been on for the last 20+ years, I sleep on my own, and I sleep a good restful sleep. I can wake up early without feeling groggy! Yes, I would recommend this clinic to anyone! It is well worth the time and effort."

- Dolly R




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